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The Trust is formed of two schools, Hampton High and Twickenham School. They work closely together with other local schools including Waldegrave School.

As a Trust, we have the highest possible ambition for our schools and students. There is a strong focus on Teaching, Learning and Leadership and of shared expertise to ensure we are constantly striving for improvement. It is the Trust’s belief that every child deserves the best quality education.

We have made a commitment to our students and families to help both schools improve their Ofsted ratings to Good by 2020 This will ensure we have achieved our aim of making sure all families in our local community can attend a great school of their choice.

Vision and Ethos

Both schools in the Trust have their own distinct identity and ethos. They each have their own vision, values and mission statements. What unites us is a commitment to providing a disciplined, safe and structured school environment which nurtures a strong culture of learning in our local community.

We offer a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum with a strong focus on the acquisition of skills for learning, literacy, numeracy, social and cultural development, employment and citizenship. The Trust is founded on strong leadership from governors, senior leaders, middle leaders, teachers and students alike.

By working together, with support from other schools in the borough, we have a positive influence of the educational provision for our local area to ensure all local students are able to attend a good or better school of their choice.

The Richmond West Schools Trust

Annual report and financial statements. For the Period Ended 31 August 2017

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Trustee Biographies

Annmarie Loughlin: Trustee

Annmarie is an accountant (FCCA) with fifteen years’ experience in finance. She has worked as a Financial Controller and Systems Accountant in the commercial and voluntary sectors, including Diabetes UK and Brooklands College. She is a long-term resident of Twickenham and, with two children (one in primary and one in secondary education), she is passionate about local education, ensuring that all children have an equal opportunity to access the highest educational standards irrespective of where they live. Prior to joining Richmond West Schools Trust, Annmarie spent one year as a community governor for Waldegrave School.

Jo Merritt: Chair of Trustees

Jo has been a governor in Richmond for ten years most recently for 4 years as Chair of Governors at Stanley Primary School in Teddington. As a parent governor at Stanley, Jo was part of the original working group to enable expansion and amalgamation of the infant and junior schools. She has successfully completed the National College, “Chair of Governors National Leadership Development Programme”. Jo is a member and Chair of Richmond Admission Appeal panels, Richmond Independent Review Panel and a member of Richmond Schools’ Forum. Jo is legally trained and has led teams to harmonise policy & operational practice across Europe for a multi-national corporation. Jo’s children now attend a local secondary community school.

Adele Kimber: Trustee

Adele is a trustee of RWST and the Chair of Board’s Resources Committee. Adele has been a community governor of Teddington School since October 2013, Adele is an editor and communications specialist and has run business magazines and websites for several leading UK publishing companies.

Claire Little: Trustee (representing Twickenham School)

Claire has been Chair of Governors at Twickenham School since the school joined the RWST, having previously been Vice Chair of Governors at Teddington School. Claire specialises in Leadership Development and, as a group HR director, supports the Trust from an HR and management perspective.

Philippa Nunn: Chief Executive Officer

Philippa has been Headteacher of Waldegrave School since 2006 and, previously, The Holt School in Berkshire. Philippa was appointed National Leader of Education in 2011. BSc hons UCL, MA, PGCE and NPQH.

Charis Penfold: Trustee

Charis worked in primary education for 22 years before joining the Local Authority (London Borough of Richmond) in 2007. She was a deputy headteacher in two schools, an acting headteacher and finally a primary headteacher in Kingston for seven years. She is Director of Children’s Services for Achieving for Children.

Andrew Whitehead: Member

Andrew has lived in Hampton for almost 30 years and is married and a grown-up daughter now living in Teddington. He is a qualified accountant (FCCA) and has served as a governor for seven years, first at Carlisle Infant School and then at the Carlisle & Hampton Hill Federation, and for much of that time he chaired the Finance Committees.

Andrea Arbiter: Governance Manager

Andrea has been a clerk to a number of governing bodies of Richmond schools over the past eight years, supporting governors in their contributions to school improvement. She now supports the Members, Trustees and two of the Local Governing Bodies as the Governance Manager, providing administration and clerking services in such a way as to support strategic development.

Siobhan Peters: Trustee (representing Hampton High)

Siobhan is a finance professional and economist with a long career in the civil service, NHS and local government. She has served in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, including for five years in China, in HM Treasury and the Home Office, and was recognised with a CMG for services to the economics of climate change. She is currently CFO of a large public sector body. She has been involved with Hampton High for five years, as a parent council member for the Learning Schools Trust and then a local governing board member under the RWST. She has been at various times the link governor for special educational needs, maths, and more recently the Chair of the local governing body Resources Committee. She is also an Audit Panel member for the Royal Institution, the charity which brings us the Christmas Lectures to bring scientific issues to life for young people and which has an extensive programme for science outreach in schools.

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